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Add a layer of intelligence to the standard search experience

Each location comes with its own lifestyle. Empower your users to search where they want to live based on what matters to them.

  • Maps add rich content to uncover new opportunities
    Help your users understand any location whether how it is serviced by public transportation options or just the school boundaries around a property.
  • Broaden the search experience
    Clients who have added Local Maps have shown visitors’ initial search radius to expand by 40%.

  • Personalize the search experience
    Our fast and efficient UX provides homebuyers personalized scores to better evaluate properties that match their search criteria.

Good news! Adding Local Maps & Search is simple

Our SDK will help you go live quickly and have a significant impact on your user’s search experience

  • Rich contextual insights for your users
    Whether you want to allow your users to search for the schools around a property or discover where you can find de best access to grocery stores, our search and maps product will bring your site to the next level.
  • Inventive and efficient
    Our heat map technology colour grades maps to offer an added layer of context to visitors. Local Maps include over a dozen options of lifestyle layers such as quietness or vibrancy; but also amenities layers like proximity to transit or coffee shops. Visitors can combine any of those layers for a more personalized experience.
  • Select your preferred map provider
    Our heat map layer can be loaded on many map technology providers like Google, Mapbox, ESRI, Leaflet, and Apple Maps.


In our cities of Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, our lead volumes have increased by 36 percent—and consumers are submitting leads three times faster than before. Local Logic integrates seamlessly with our system. We use all four of their products now, and our search tool is best-in-class.

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Carolyn Cheng


COO, Royal LePage

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