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Local Content Pro


For growing websites looking to increase their conversions

What's included

  • Points of Interests

  • Commute

  • Maps+Search add-on (+$)

  • Email support

Local Content Pro Plus


For established website looking to augment their users' experience

What's included

  • Schools

  • Customization options

  • Local Profiles add-on (+$)

  • Customer Success Manager

Local Content Enterprise


For high-volume websites looking for a tailored solution

What's included

  • Everything in Pro Plus

  • Service Level Agreements

  • Loads quota adapted to your needs

  • Phone support

Local Profiles Enterprise

Local Profiles

Neighborhood data, scaled for your coverage area

What's included

  • Customizable interactive visuals and text

  • Deploy thousands of quality pages instantly and effortlessly

  • Grow organic traffic by 10%

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Local Maps or Local Search

Go beyond location based search. Provide personalized maps, or listing results - with ease.

What's included

  • Interactive heatmaps that expands search radius by 40%

  • Search experience to uncover the perfect fit

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What do you mean by "self-serve support"?

For our customers on our free Discover plan, we only offer support through our documentation and knowledge base websites.

Do you offer yearly contracts and pricing?

We do offer yearly contracts and yearly pricing options. Request a demo with our team to discover these options.