Predicting GHG emissions based
on neighborhood characteristics

Commercial Real Estate

Understand the impact of the built environment on communities


Aligning financial strategy with ESG responsibilities
Align your financial strategy with your ESG responsibilities.


Effect of transportation on GHG emissions
Predict transportation patterns and their effect on GHG emissions.


Rethinking land use to reduce C02 emissions
Reduce C02 emissions related to land use and transportation.

Case Study: How a Large Retail-Focused REIT Leveraged Scope 3 to Reduce its GHG Emissions

The REIT is facing pressure from its investors to:

  • Adapt existing assets into new land uses to significantly increase returns

  • Report on ESG and reduce its GHG emissions
“Local Analytics has simplified the process of analyzing a new site by building a user-friendly platform with centralized information. This tool is easily saving us countless hours of additional work.”

Jake Goodman

Sr. Manager of Sales and Innovation


Jake Goodman


Sr. Manager of Sales and Innovation, DevMcGill

Start aligning your financial strategy
with your ESG responsibilities