Local Content

Local Content

Only three words matter in Real Estate: “Location, Location, Location”

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Make the most out of your traffic

Without Local Content, your visitors will resort to Google Maps or Yelp to find the information they want about location surroundings

  • Reduce bounce rates
    Stop bleeding traffic and embed all of the hyperlocal context where it’s needed most.
  • Increase conversions
    Over 200M interactions have yielded 4X higher conversion for clients who use our location filters.
  • Easy to install
    It takes one snippet of code to add a precise interactive location map to your pages.

Map of Location Surroundings
Sunrise Rooftop Apartment


Sothebys Canada


You’re the local expert, show it

Quantify any location anywhere in Canada and the US

  • 17 scores to match users’ needs
    Our 17 scores fall into 3 categories: Transportation, Services and Character. Some examples include Transit-Friendliness, proximity to amenities such as Grocery Stores, Daycares, Schools and neighbourhood characteristics such as Greenery and Vibrancy.
  • Anywhere, everywhere
    All of our location data and scores are specific to the property and covers over 200M addresses in the US and Canada.
  • Need a more unique experience?
    Need a more unique experience? We can help craft a customized experience for your users.


In our cities of Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, our lead volumes have increased by 36 percent—and consumers are submitting leads three times faster than before. Local Logic integrates seamlessly with our system. We use all four of their products now, and our search tool is best-in-class.

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Carolyn Cheng


COO, Royal LePage

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