Digitizing the built world for better decisions

We are a location intelligence platform that digitizes the built world for consumers, investors, developers and governments in the US and Canada

We help you understand location, so you make better, faster decisions

We believe understanding cities and their trends give you the ultimate edge in real estate investment. Whether you are a multi-billion dollar investor/developer, or a publicly traded search portal. Our data helps you achieve your business goals.

Dig deep, with 100's of data points in seconds for any address in the USA & Canada

Power quick acquisition and decision-making for over 250M addresses in the US & Canada, with access to location quality, demographics, parcel zoning, nearby comps, and other insights.

Generate location reports, site assessments, and more to share with stakeholders

Consolidate all our insights into reports to add context to your investments, prepare site and submarket overviews for your clients and speed up offering memorandums for your sales and marketing teams.

Minimize risk and optimize pricing

Underwrite with confidence by using our proprietary Location Scores to back up your gut feel and testing your hypothesis with our location and market data

Location intelligence for ALL

Cities are complex systems. By capturing and combining contextual data about cities, websites, can add our plug-ins with rich location data, to highlight and personalize your experience.

Contextual data for more than 250 million addresses in the US and Canada

Explore any location with neighborhood data, demographics, lifestyle scores, heat maps and schools.

Enable consumers to find and compare what it's like to experience different parts of the city

We provide boundaries and key characteristics specific to a location and text describing its features that allows consumers to determine neighborhood fit and explore comparable locations from a list base or map based search.

Evaluate a location's quality using location scores

Local Logic's 17 Local Scores offers detailed insights about schools, character of the area, nearby businesses, and public transportation. Location scores are ranked for each individual location on a 0-10 scale, allowing for clear visualization, understanding and comparison.

Explore career opportunities with Local Logic

We started our journey at McGill University’s urban planning department, where we came to see that cities were being developed in all kinds of unsustainable ways.

Why should you work here?

At Local Logic, you have an amazing opportunity to be an early team member of an expanding series A backed startup. We are focused on understanding the world and its cities to predict the future, and make the real estate market more transparent.

Our people come first

We strive to create the best experience by creating an inclusive, collaborative, and challenging environment to learn and problem solve on a daily basis.

"Growth is the only guarantee that tomorrow is going to get better"

To support our company value of being Growth Oriented, employees are given an annual professional development credit, as well as 8 hours of professional development time per month.


Local Analytics has simplified the process of analyzing a new site by building a user-friendly platform with centralized information. This tool is easily saving us countless hours of additional work.

Jake Goodman
Jake Goodman
Sr. Manager of Sales and Innovation, DevMcGill
Royal LePage

In our cities of Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, our lead volumes have increased by 36 percent—and consumers are submitting leads three times faster than before. Local Logic integrates seamlessly with our system. We use all four of their products now, and our search tool is best-in-class.

Carolyn Cheng
Carolyn Cheng
COO, Royal LePage

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