Climate Risk

ClimateCheck provides climate risk data to Local Logic customers in the US and Canada to help consumers better understand risks associated with heat, storm, fire, drought, and flood.


ClimateCheck offers a 1-100 rating for properties across the US and Canada based on their future risk of climate-related hazards. A higher rating indicates that climate change is likely to negatively impact that home. The rating is based on future risk and how much the risk level will change over time.

ClimateCheck covers five hazards:

  • Heat: An estimation of the overall level of extremely hot temperatures (such as heatwaves) in the area selected.
  • Storm: An estimation of the level and amount of repeated downpours/rain and/or snowfall in an area.
  • Fire: An estimation of the overall level of vegetation that is prone to start fires in the area. All in all, an estimation of how prone your area is to start catching fire.
  • Drought: An estimation of the water stress level of an area. This is data from the level of available water based on human activity in the selected area.
  • Flood: An estimation of a combination of multiple observed methods of flooding (coastal flooding and/or a large body of water overflowing) in an area.
  • Points of Interest

    Present the most relevant information for any location, with context.

  • Demographics

    Provide the most qualitative information to your users.

  • Location Scores

    Empower your customers to quickly understand the “sense of place".

  • Schools

    Enable home seekers to explore which schools are closest to their desired location.

  • Neighborhood Profiles

    Unlock over 90,000 neighborhoods, boroughs, and city descriptions.

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