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A quick and easy way to display powerful demographics insights, increase user engagement, and improve overall website performance.

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Powerful Insights: Local Demographics provides valuable insights into income and employment, population count and age, education levels, commute modes, family and household composition, housing tenancy and type, and more. Modern home seekers demand that information to make better-informed decisions about where to live.

Faster Implementation: Local Demographics provides an out-of-the-box implementation that allows clients to display powerful demographics insights on their site with minimal effort. This saves valuable time and resources, enabling real estate companies to stay ahead of the competition.

Consistent Design: By using Local Demographics, clients can ensure a consistent design across their site. This means no more buggy or inconsistent designs that can lead to user confusion or frustration.

More Time to Focus on Core Business: Using Local Demographics, clients can focus on their core business and leave the demographics insights to us. This can lead to more time spent on other important tasks and projects.

Increased Engagement: By providing meaningful and interactive demographics insights to home seekers, Local Demographics increases engagement and stickiness and gives clients a competitive advantage.

Out-of-the-box demographic insights

  • Income & employment
  • Population count & age
  • Education level
  • Commute mode
  • Family & household composition
  • Housing tenancy & type
  • Local Content

    Provide a comprehensive understanding of the location of any property in the US and Canada and an overview of the characteristics that matter most to the home buyer and renter.

  • Local Profiles

    Provide a comprehensive understanding of any neighborhood or city for home buyers and renters while boosting your SEO performance.

  • Local Maps

    Empower consumers with a map-based search tool that enables them to select their top location characteristics to help them find their dream location.

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