NeighborhoodMatch helps you retain leads & increase website engagement by showcasing similar neighborhoods that might be a better match for homeseekers.


Connecting Homeseekers with their Ideal Neighborhoods

Offer similar neighborhood suggestions when a client’s first choice isn’t quite right to keep potential buyers engaged and demonstrate your deep knowledge of local markets.

  • Increase Lead Retention: Keep potential clients engaged by providing alternative neighborhood options.
  • Enhance User Experience: Provide a richer, more engaging online experience that encourages longer visits.
  • Streamline Home Search: Help homeseekers find neighborhoods that match their preferences and lifestyle.

Display up to 8 Similar Neighborhoods

  • Affordability Index: Show how median home prices in similar neighborhoods compare with the one currently viewed.
  • Neighborhood Imagery: Display a thumbnail image for each matched neighborhood.
  • Filtering & Linking: Filter down the list of supported neighborhoods & ensure likability to the relevant pages
    on your site.
  • Neighborhood Scores: The top 4 location scores for each matched neighborhood are displayed in descending order.

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  • Local Content

    Provide a comprehensive understanding of the location of any property in the US and Canada and an overview of the characteristics that matter most to the home buyer and renter.

  • Local Profiles

    Provide a comprehensive understanding of any neighborhood or city for home buyers and renters while boosting your SEO performance.

  • Local Maps

    Empower consumers with a map-based search tool that enables them to select their top location characteristics to help them find their dream location.