Every location is unique

Help your visitors understand the ground truth of every location in Canada and the US

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Location insights for everywhere and everyone

With up to 17 scores, we deliver a complete assesment of any location so your users don't waste anytime deciding if a location is the right fit for them

Personalize the search experience

Optimize the search process by allowing users to quickly filter hundreds of listings based on their lifestyle preferences.

One score isn't enough to understand a location

Our scores reveal the highlights and lowlights of every location by leveraging hyper-local data

Increase conversions

Over 200M interactions have yielded 4X higher conversion for clients who use our location filters.

All the location data you need to help your users make smarter decisions

Precise and impactful knowledge for your clients

Provide details about what it’s like to live in a specific location

Our scores cover 3 key categories of location qualities that influence daily living: Access to transportation modes, grocery stores and schools, and nuances such as vibrancy and quietness.

Scalable data designed to engage your users

Every location has its own characteristics, and we have the insights for them. Simply provide the latitude and longitude coordinates and we'll return the information your users need to understand what it would be like to live there.

Complex data translated in key information

Our scores are built on a foundation of thousands of input datasets, and they continue to improve based on millions of pieces of feedback from our users

Royal LePage

In our cities of Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, our lead volumes have increased by 36 percent—and consumers are submitting leads three times faster than before. Local Logic integrates seamlessly with our system. We use all four of their products now, and our search tool is best-in-class.

Carolyn Cheng
Carolyn Cheng
COO, Royal LePage

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