Location, Location, Location Data Drives Investment Returns

Commercial real estate investors and developers are rapidly exploring new markets and new asset types to place capital and find opportunities for higher returns. At the same time, the industry is edging up the data and technology adoption curve, accelerated by the challenges of the past two years and current market dynamics.

Data on comps, market dynamics, and the condition of the asset itself are all relatively ubiquitous and embraced in the industry. However, Local Logic’s models show that those factors only account for about half of an asset’s value. As the old adage goes, “location, location, location” accounts for the other half.

Why then is the industry still largely dependent on boots on the ground, personal experience or gut feel – not data – to inform half of major investment decisions?

From Gut Feel to Precise Location Insights

While understanding the recent economics of a market may be straightforward, understanding the nuances of location can be much more difficult. There are many factors to consider and gathering that data can be onerous and time-consuming, not to mention the challenges of actually analyzing it, particularly in an industry that has relatively recently begun to embrace and build the capacity to utilize data at large in-house.

These kinds of investment analyses across asset types require data that describes and quantifies everything outside the four walls of the asset, including quality of life, in an objective way.

Understanding Location at Scale is Easier Than Ever

The good news is, it’s no longer necessary to struggle to understand the value of location in investment decisions. Local Logic makes location intelligence easily accessible and our solutions are flexible. We meet our users where they are today, and where the industry is moving quickly.

The company was founded by urban planners. Understanding the dynamics of location, the ecosystem of data points that impact investments, particularly how neighborhoods change over time, is at our roots. Our actionable insights are built on algorithms that quantify everything you need to know about the area outside the four walls of every asset in the US and Canada.

There’s no longer an excuse to not use location data in due diligence.

To start including Local Logic’s location intelligence in your models or to learn more, get in touch with us today.

Max Leblond

May 09, 2022 | 2 minutes read