Will a neighborhood be the right fit? Why a Walkscore isn’t enough

Your new neighborhood isn’t a decision to take lightly — but you already know that.

Location has always been at the heart of real estate, but it’s so much more than just a dry “business” choice.

Where you live is really what you have access to, what your everyday experience is like, and what kind of flavor your new space has.

These are decisions that define your life. So how can you know if a neighborhood is really a good fit for you and your family?

You Deserve More Than Just a Walkscore

While we’re turning to walkscores to learn more about our new neighborhoods, we’re missing out on what’s most important.

We’re all unique, and different lifestyles will undoubtedly have different needs. Buyers need to be able to know how their own, personal, one-of-a-kind situation will fit into their new communities.

A single cookie-cutter walkscore that only looks at distance can never provide the robust analysis you actually need to make a decision. Generalizations aren’t going to help you realize your best life.

Well, Local Logic is anything but general. We’re custom-focused, individually-driven, and ready to help you learn more about how you fit into a potential community.

You need true-to-life solutions to understand the compatibility of your lifestyle and a potential neighborhood.

Let’s look at the variety of scores that Local Logic has to offer. We take a specialized approach to turn experiential realities into data insights, helping you make an informed decision on your next move  to make it one that you feel confident about.


Our intuitive transportation scores indicate how easy it is to come and go from a given location.

If you prefer to walk where you need to go, a high pedestrian-friendly score will tell you that it’s possible, safe, and pleasant to go about on foot. You have places to go, beauty to see, and the infrastructure to support you.

If you’re the public transit type, a high transit-friendly score reveals that there are buses, trains, and subways nearby, all running on a frequent schedule.

If you’d rather drive, a high car-friendly score tells you that it’s convenient to use a private car. Access to roadways, traffic, and urban planning are all taken into account.

If biking is your passion, a high bike-friendly score lets you know you’ll be safe while getting where you need to go. Topography, bike-share programs, and the presence of bike lanes are there for you.


For growing families, education means opportunity — but if you’re a single professional moving to a new neighborhood to expand your career, you may not be looking for a home with an elementary or secondary school around the corner.

If you’re moving to build your family, you’ll want to look for a community with a high school score. That means that you’ll have proximal access to elementary and secondary schools of all kinds.

If you’re not ready to settle down, these scores may not be top-of-your-mind… but, a high school score correlates to higher property values.

Proximity to Services

Amenities are everything. What you have access to in your next neighborhood will shape what you do, where you go, and what it’s like to live there.

If you love cooking at home, a high grocery score means you have a high volume of stores in your area — so if you forgot to buy the most important ingredient for your recipe, it’s no biggie.

If you’re the type to visit a cafe every morning, high coffee shop scores let you know that your favorite drink is only a short walk away.

Shopaholics will definitely want to look at the shopping score, which tells about the local retail scene.

Socialites would fit best with a high nightlife score, which indicates lots of bars and nightclubs in your area.

Those who crave fresh air and natural space would do well in a neighborhood with a high park score, meaning there are parks and open areas nearby.


To give you deeper ideas of the neighborhood’s ambiance, our character scores help you know what the community feels like.

If you’re concerned about the neighborhood’s vibe, our greenery and historic scores will paint a picture of what the area feels like.

If you’re looking for a specific character, our quiet and vibrancy scores will help you gauge the way your neighborhood operates.

The More You Know, The Better

It’s 2021 and buyers need more than just a walkscore. Having access to multiple scores will help you craft an idea of what your life might look like in a particular neighborhood.

Your home buying decisions matter. Make sure that you’re factoring in what’s most important to you when you’re looking up a neighborhood.
To learn more about how Local Logic is changing the game with our location insights, click here.

Max Leblond

May 04, 2021 | 5 minutes read