Fireside Chat: Behind the Industry’s First Wellness Score

What is behind the industry’s very first Wellness Score? Join us on Wednesday, June 15 at 11:30 am EST, for a fireside chat with Gabriel Damant-Sirois, our co-founder and CPO, and Sara Maffey, our Head of Corporate Strategy and Business Development. 

For 30 minutes, they will discuss the product – which helps users determine how conducive a location is to wellness -, why consumer demand for a better quality of life made it a necessity, and various use cases across commercial and residential real estate. 

The session will be recorded and followed by a Q&A.


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Gabriel Damant-Sirois
Co-founder & CPO

Local Logic

Sara Maffey

Sara Maffey
Head of Corporate Strategy & Business Development
Local Logic

About Local Logic

Local Logic is a location intelligence platform that digitizes the built world to make it universally understandable and actionable for consumers, investors, developers, and governments with the ambition of helping build cities that are more sustainable and equitable for the people that live in them. To achieve that dream, we’ve built proprietary insights on over 75Bn data points, that quantify the built world using data and AI. Our insights are used across the real estate vertical to inform decisions that impact the $217T real estate market throughout the US and Canada.