2020 – Our year in review

This post could focus on so many things learned in 2020, products that shipped, our accomplishments – but we’d rather spend the time highlighting the great work we ALL did – you included.  So we give you this, our Groundbreaker Awards in honour of the lessons learned during 2020:

Parenting while you WFH

To all of you that had the “rug” pulled out from you, and were thrust into your house – unprepared to teach and manage your family without the help of others, and with very little preparation, we commend you! Here is a post from earlier this year about how we coped through it all.

Surviving Solitary – or partner confinement

Some folks got stuck home alone! Or you may have been stuck with a partner for up to 6 months; and patience can wear thin! Congratulations for – uh – whatever shape you are in now 🙂 The good news is that no one can see your sweatpants over Zoom as you rock that sweater and shirt so well. A good book can be the best escape – check out our faves.

Thrive, don’t just survive

To all of you that managed to have great years, or maybe just to keep the lights on – we commend you! We know some were not so lucky as many industries were devastated, and jobs are still not back. The second wave isn’t helping. However, between the COVID-19 impacts, working from home and the new challenges in the mix of those items, many have thrived. We happen to be one of the rare companies that closed a Series A at the height of COVID. Thank you to you, our partners, and friends for your support and partnerships.

Pursuing Change

As if a pandemic wasn’t enough – the world is in political and societal turmoil. We are changed forever, as we all look in the mirror, in the US or in Canada. We see you all making the changes, having the hard conversations and pursuing a new attitude towards racial and societal injustices. This is not a work that is done, nor will it be done in the short term. But it seems clear that the next generation of leaders won’t settle for anything less than true equality. We see you, hear you and appreciate all the voices that seek opportunity for all genders – binary and non, cultural, societal and seen and unseen prejudices.

Holding on to hope

It’s not easy in the face of adversity to stand strong. I know many who needed to cry, break down, and feel the pressures and emotions that 2020 has exacted upon us. Whether through the ultimate loss or the emotional losses which come from being separated from those you love, we see you too! We send you a big hug and appreciate your hope and ability to keep going because tomorrow is a new day. Better yet, a new year is coming too. While 1/1/21 may not be a light switch to the darkness of 2020, we see a vaccine about to come and the world waits with bated breath for better days. For us, the big engine that keeps us going is our focus on the mission to our partners, and our focus on serving each other and our culture.

You are free to take all of these awards, print them on to your heart. Know that the team at Local Logic sends you a huge thank you for 2020 and best wishes for 2021.  We look forward to a wonderful year full of updates and new products to help you in your pursuit of growth. Happy Holidays to you all and Happy New year.

-The Local Logic team

Max Leblond

December 21, 2020 | 4 minutes read