Local Logic Selected to Berkadia’s BeEngaged Network

Leading location intelligence software provider joins a dynamic ecosystem dedicated to redefining the commercial real estate space through innovation and strong values

Local Logic, a leading PropTech software provider quantifying location at scale to drive decisions in the built environment, today announced it has been selected to Berkadia’s BeEngaged Network to help redefine the commercial real estate space.


As part of this synergistic relationship, Local Logic will:

  • Collaborate with Berkadia and its partners, leading mortgage banking institutions, to potentially pilot the use of our location scores in their underwriting.
  • Tap into Berkadia’s investment sales expertise to get valuable feedback on product-market fit and industry needs as Local Logic further develops its location insights and automated market report.
  • Connect with Berkadia and its corporate partners to conduct critical discovery research on Local Logic’s insights around transportation emissions, quantifying livability, and other ESG reporting metrics.

Why Berkadia selected Local Logic

“Local Logic embodies the type of startups we carefully select to join the BeEngaged network,” said Bryce Nyberg, Director – Berkadia Digital & BeEngaged at Berkadia. “Their commitment to innovation, which is reflected in their unique location scores, and strong values has the potential to have a big impact on the future of mortgage lending and commercial real estate investments. We are excited to be a part of their growth.”

Local Logic has built consumer-facing solutions and AI-powered proprietary insights on over 75bn data points to make the built world universally understandable and actionable for consumers, investors, and developers.

Recognition of our value

“Our acceptance to this prestigious program validates our value for commercial real estate players, from owner-operators to capital providers,” said Vincent-Charles Hodder, CEO and co-founder at Local Logic. Berkadia is a leader in the industry, offering a robust suite of services to multifamily and commercial property clients, and we are excited to learn and collaborate with them on long-term initiatives that will redefine the commercial real estate space.”

Local Logic will be exhibiting at CREtech San Diego from March 22-23.

About Local Logic

Local Logic is a location intelligence platform that digitizes the built world to make it universally understandable and actionable for consumers, investors, developers, and governments with the ambition of helping build cities that are more sustainable and equitable for the people that live in them.  To achieve that dream, we’ve built proprietary insights on over 75Bn data points, that quantify the built world using data and AI. Our insights are used across the real estate vertical to inform decisions that impact the $217T real estate market throughout the US and Canada.

The platform partners with commercial real estate, travel, and media companies, helping to guide individual projects and overall strategy for major real estate developers and investors such as Great Gulf, Jamestown, SmartCentres, and others. Local Logic is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec.

About Berkadia

Berkadia is a leader in the commercial real estate industry, offering a robust suite of services to our multifamily and commercial property clients. Powered by deep relationships and industry-changing technology, our people sell, finance, and service commercial real estate, providing support for the entire life cycle of our clients’ assets. Our unique ownership structure allows us to put our clients’ interests first and create a marketplace that delivers a superior experience.

Berkadia was formed in 2009 as a joint venture of Berkshire Hathaway and Leucadia National Corporation (now Jefferies Financial Group) – both of which are renowned for their capital strength and sophisticated investment strategies. Learn more at berkadia.com.

Max Leblond

February 14, 2022 | 3 minutes read