Customize your NeighborhoodIntel reports with agent personalization and modular content

You can now fully customize your NeighborhoodIntel report!

Powered by over 85 billion unique data points, NeighborhoodIntel provides instant reports with in-depth location insights for more than 250 million individual addresses. These reports provide you with exclusive proprietary data combined with publicly available information to help you better understand any location and find the perfect home for your clients.

Now, two brand-new features have been added to NeighborhoodIntel to help you redefine how you connect with clients and showcase your listings: agent personalization and report customization.

✨ New NeighborhoodIntel features:

  • Agent Personalization:
    Make every report uniquely yours and showcase your brand.
  • Report Customization:
    Tailor each report to your client’s needs.

Agent Personalization

New Agent Personalization feature on NeighborhoodIntel report from Local Logic


With our customizable features, you can include your branding in every report. Simply fill out your personal details in your NeighborhoodIntel dashboard: company name, website, headshot, short bio, and social media links.

Report Customization

New Report Customization feature on NeighborhoodIntel report from Local Logic


You can tailor each report to your client’s needs by choosing which sections to keep or remove for a streamlined, impactful presentation that speaks directly to their preferences.

Put your brand front and center with NeigborhoodIntel

With these new NeighborhoodIntel features, you’ll be able to deliver a report that not only provides comprehensive neighborhood insights but also highlights your professionalism and expertise — leaving a lasting impression on your clients while differentiating yourself from the competition.

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Thao Tram Ngo

April 24, 2024 | 2 minutes read