Masterclass: Shattering Ceilings – Women in Real Estate Leadership

Join us for an insightful masterclass that delves into gender disparities in real estate leadership and explores actionable strategies for bridging this gap.

Masterclass: SEO Strategies Redefined – Actionable Lessons from Google’s Documentation Leak

This exclusive masterclass is tailored for real estate brokerages, providing you with the knowledge and tools to navigate the shift from traditional keyword-focused SEO to strategies centered around user engagement and intent.

Masterclass: Navigating New Realities in Real Estate Recruitment

Join us for an essential masterclass that delves into the evolving landscape of real estate agent recruitment in the face of market uncertainties and the recent NAR settlement.

Masterclass: Beyond the NAR Settlement: Leveraging Tech to Redefine Real Estate Success

Our panel of industry pioneers will dissect the settlement's implications and showcase innovative tools and strategies for excelling in the new normal.

Masterclass: Who Decides What is a Neighborhood Anyway?

Secure your spot for a comprehensive exploration into the heart of real estate - where every neighborhood has its story, and every story influences value.

Masterclass: The Future of Real Estate Agents: Navigating New Challenges in 2024 and Beyond

In an era where homebuyers are more informed than ever and the industry faces transformative legal challenges, this masterclass offers crucial insights into thriving in a changing market.

Masterclass: Innovation Meets Regulation: AI, Real Estate, and Fair Housing Laws

Dive into the rapidly evolving world of AI in real estate with our three experts, Katie Lappe (DirectOffer), Liz Sturrock (Miami MLS), and Nathan Brannen (

Masterclass: The Sitzer | Burnett Verdict Is In — What’s next & what does it mean to me?

Tune in with James Dwiggins (NextHome) and Audrey Whittington (Local Logic) to learn how the verdict from the Sitzer/Burnett lawsuit will reshape the real estate industry.

Masterclass: How can real estate brokerages cut costs & grow their brand in a tight market?

Tune in to learn how real estate brokerages can cut costs & grow their brand in a tight market

Masterclass: Is the MLS Still the Source of Truth for All Residential Real Estate Data?

Tune in to learn how MLSs can continue to make sure they are the source of truth not just to their members but ultimately to consumers.