Local Logic and HUNT Real Estate Announce New Partnership to Empower Homebuyers with Comprehensive Neighborhood Insights

Revolutionizing Homebuying: HUNT Real Estate ERA Harnesses Local Logic’s Granular Insights for Enhanced Consumer Experience

Local Logic, a neighborhood insights provider that quantifies location at scale to help the real estate industry make better-informed investment decisions, today announced its partnership with HUNT Real Estate, the most successful family-owned and operated real estate firm in New York State. Through this collaboration, visitors to HUNTrealestate.com will have unparalleled access to Local Logic’s comprehensive neighborhood insights.

With this integration, HUNT Real Estate aims to give its consumers an edge by ensuring they have the most relevant and current information surrounding any listing. “At HUNT, our vision is ‘Always There for You,’ which means providing the most complete information to our consumers to help them make informed decisions. Integrating Local Logic’s state-of-the-art insights is a significant step towards fulfilling that promise,” said Dan Mirsky, CMO of HUNT Real Estate.

In the coming months, consumers browsing listings on HUNT Real Estate will gain unprecedented insights into various neighborhood features. From local amenities, school quality, and public transportation options, this robust set of information plays a pivotal role in making informed decisions about property valuation and the home-buying process.

Vincent-Charles Hodder, co-founder and CEO of Local Logic, spoke about the expanding influence of their platform, “Our location intelligence is already assisting over 15 million monthly users in the US and Canada. We’re thrilled to join forces with an esteemed entity like HUNT Real Estate to ensure more consumers benefit from our comprehensive data insights.”

This partnership reaffirms HUNT Real Estate’s commitment to being at the forefront of innovation and serving its community with end-to-end services that have defined its legacy since 1911. Both companies are eager to see the positive impact of this collaboration on New York homebuyers and the larger real estate market.

About HUNT Real Estate ERA

HUNT Real Estate Corporation is the parent company of HUNT Real Estate ERA which operates 60 residential branch offices throughout New York State, Massachusetts, and Arizona. Founded in 1911, HUNT is the oldest and most successful continuously operating family-owned and operated real estate and homeownership services organization in New York, and is ranked 34th in the nation for closed transactions by REAL Trends. HUNT also operates a commercial brokerage, mortgage banking firm, insurance agency, and title agency. HUNT’s vision, “Always there for you.” and its mission, “Successful Professionals. Growing Profitably. Providing Superior Service.” drive the entire organization. For more information about HUNT Real Estate, visit www.huntrealestate.com. 

About Local Logic

Local Logic is a location intelligence platform that digitizes the built world for consumers, investors, developers, and governments – delivering unrivaled clarity and actionable insights capable of creating more sustainable, equitable cities. With more than 85 billion unique data points – the largest unique location data set in the U.S. and Canada – the platform creates a digital twin of cities, quantifying the built world and offering predictive, precise analytics to inform the present and future of over 250 million individual addresses.

Max Leblond

October 17, 2023 | 3 minutes read