Introducing NeighborhoodMatch: Enhance homebuyers’ search for comparable neighborhoods

NeighborhoodMatch is now available! 🎉

NeighborhoodMatch is an innovative solution designed to empower homebuyers and brokerages to find neighborhoods that match users’ preferences. This new tool enhances the homebuying experience by making it easier for consumers to discover new neighborhoods that share similar characteristics with the one they are viewing.

🔑 Key features include

  • Neighborhood-level insights to identify comparable areas
  • Enhanced property search experience and neighborhood discovery tool for end users
  • Easy-to-implement and flexible SDK or API solution

NeighborhoodMatch enhances homeseekers’ neighborhood search

Looking for a new home can be challenging for homebuyers, particularly those who are relocating to an unfamiliar area. NeighborhoodMatch simplifies this process by helping users discover and compare neighborhoods that meet their lifestyle needs while remaining within their budget

Using NeighborhoodMatch, brokerages can re-engage homeseekers by helping them quickly find neighborhoods that are similar to those they’re considering and better understand which one best aligns with their needs. The similarity between neighborhoods is measured based on demographics, housing features, and Location Scores.

What’s included in NeighborhoodMatch?

Screenshot of Local Logic's latest location intelligence solution called NeighborhoodMatch showcasing various neighborhood cards that indicates an area's affordability as well as its Location Scores such as transit access

Matched neighborhoods and scores

Homeseekers see up to eight nearby neighborhoods with similar characteristics and can easily compare them based on top-ranking Local Logic scores, such as pedestrian friendliness and transit accessibility. In addition, these scores are prominently displayed, making it easy for potential homebuyers to determine how closely these neighborhoods fit their preferences.

Affordability Index

Homeseekers can determine whether similar neighborhoods are more or less affordable than the one they’re viewing, allowing them to identify locations within their budget range. The Affordability Index* quickly shows whether property prices in these neighborhoods are within, above, or below budget, based on reliable median sale price data.

* Note: This feature is only available in the US.

Neighborhood imagery

Brokerages can customize each neighborhood with its own thumbnail image to ensure that the neighborhood is accurately represented.

Neighborhood filtering and linking

NeighborhoodMatch allows real estate professionals to filter and link directly to their own listings, keeping potential buyers within their sales funnel.

NeighborhoodMatch delivers a better website experience for homeseekers and brokerages

Easy to integrate on real estate websites, NeighborhoodMatchs helps identify specific areas with neighborhood-level characteristics that are important to homeseekers. Through accurate and up-to-date information, brokerages and homebuyers can better understand how a neighborhood compares to others and find additional neighborhoods with similar characteristics.

NeighborhoodMatch offers brokerages the following benefits:

  • Improved SEO performance 📈 — Increased user engagement, visitor retention, and time-on-site for neighborhood pages
  • Higher recapture rates 💸 — Better-informed, high-quality leads
  • In-depth local expertise 🏡 — Easy access to reliable and up-to-date neighborhood insights
  • Enhanced search experience 🎯 — Discovery of alternative neighborhoods that match specific lifestyle needs and budgets


NeighborhoodMatch is sold as a standalone product, an add-on to NeighborhoodWrap, or bundled with Neighborhood Characteristics, providing flexibility to brokerages and real estate portals.

🔓 Unlock the potential of every neighborhood with NeighborhoodMatch

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Thao Tram Ngo

May 01, 2024 | 3 minutes read