New Local Logic API’s put the power of our Location Intelligence into your hands

Local Logic, is digitizing the built world to make it universally understandable and actionable for consumers, investors, developers, and governments with the ambition of helping build cities that are more sustainable and equitable for the people that live in them.

To achieve that dream, we’ve built a digital twin of cities, quantifying the built world using data and AI to interpret over 30BN data points that impact the $217T real estate market throughout the US and Canada.

And today, we are proud to release two new API’s that will allow our partners, and clients to easily bring our location intelligence into their business. We are thrilled to announce our new Points of Interest API, and our powerful, new Location Scores API.

We believe Local Logic’s understanding of cities, from predicting macro development patterns to describing the micro experience of specific neighborhoods and sites, gives our clients and their users the ultimate edge. Our API’s unlock our insights, so they can immediately impact your business. (Learn more about our data here).

Here are a few ways you can use these powerful API’s:

Compare and contrast locations

With one Location Scores API call, you can compare and contrast locations at the city, neighborhood, or property level. This allows you to compare a specific location, with the general neighborhood, or city. We actually wrote a blog post based on this kind of data which compares Montreal to Toronto. This image below is comparing how two locations compare for walkability to schools, groceries, parks and transit.

Bring points of interest (POI’s) into analyses

Our POIs API provides clients the ability to display, on a map or as text, POI information around a given latitude and longitude in Canada or the US. With this new iteration of the API, clients can now with a single API call obtain up to 500 POIs when a single category is requested or up to 30 POIs when multiple categories are queried. Categories included in the API are; groceries, shopping, nightlife, restaurants, cafes, daycares (in Canada), bus stops, rapid transit, train stations, and parks. Learn more about our POI API in our documentation here, or contact our team here.

Show what’s around any site for buyers, renters or vacationers

We built a plug and pay tool, called “Local Content” which brings area information based on any address or lat/long, using our scores and our points of interest API’s. With our new API, you can build your own custom solution. Maybe you only want to show the nightlife options nearby, or grocery stores – go right ahead! You can even combine the two API’s to build your own unique representation of Local Content.

Quantify and understand your portfolio’s location characteristics

It’s one thing to see points of interest or data on a map, it’s another to understand and deep dive into the impact of location. Look at your portfolio and understand the external factors that influence values for rent and for sale, by layering location scores and insights into your data. With our Location Scores API you can refine your models to make better decisions. Below are two examples directly from our real estate analytics platform

The opportunities here are endless.  We would love to hear you ideas and feedback – so try them out! Request access to the best location intelligence API’s for the US and Canada right here.

Want to learn more about our data, and get technical? Dig into Local Logic documentation.

Max Leblond

August 03, 2021 | 3 minutes read