Our Latest Local Analytics Early Adopter: The Housing Innovation Alliance

In both the U.S. and Canada, the housing sector is not only one of the largest sectors of the economy but among the most important. In addition to providing citizens with basic shelter, the millions of homes spread across the continent create millions of jobs, create wealth for their owners, and generate hundreds of billions of dollars in economic impact every year.

With that in mind, we at Local Logic are proud to announce that the Housing Innovation Alliance has become the latest member of Local Analytics’ Early Adopters program. Earlier this month, the Alliance also welcomed Local Logic as Innovation Partners within its membership. Together, this represents a meaningful partnership that will help guide the many voices shaping housing across North America to build better, more equitable and forward-looking communities.

The Local Analytics platform uses location intelligence to solve one of the most basic questions any community can face — “What should I build, and where?” When it comes to housing, these decisions are incredibly impactful. The right kind of home — striking the right balance of innumerable factors including size, price point, and proximity to community amenities — can set the course for a neighborhood for decades, ushering in new eras of prosperity and diversity.

The Housing Innovation Alliance is dedicated to driving the future of housing across the U.S. — guiding key decisions, brokering new relationships, and fostering the conversation to create innovation and smarter, more successful development across the continent.

Armed with the power of Local Analytics and location intelligence, the Housing Innovation Alliance will be able to provide one-of-a-kind insights and predictive analysis to members as they visit neighborhoods and specific properties ripe for housing development. This actionable information will be critical not just in creating returns for developers, but also in shaping local policy to chart the course for transformational shifts in a community’s future.

This partnership is an important building block in Local Logic’s ongoing mission to aid stakeholders in both the private and public sector in understanding what citizens need and desire. By accessing the power of Local Analytics, the Housing Innovation Alliance has become a powerful engine in spreading the word about our solutions and creating real results that better the lives of ordinary homeowners and their neighbors.

To see if you qualify for our Local Analytics Early Adopter Program, click here.

Max Leblond

May 17, 2021 | 2 minutes read