🏡 Working From Home: How the Team at Local Logic is Making the Best of It 🌐

Last Thursday, Local Logic decided to have the entire team work remotely in an effort to encourage social distancing and reduce the spread of COVID-19. This decision was a no brainer: Our industry is already well equipped to work from home or work remotely and we wanted to make sure to keep everyone safe.

Moving from in office to fully remote is still a massive change to the way we work. I think the biggest challenges will be learning how to better communicate with the rest of your team, to stay connected with each other, and to not become isolated.

While we aren’t the masters of remote work yet, I think we are already on the right track with the following initiatives:

#1 ☕ Daily Virtual Coffees

This is just like hanging out in our office kitchen but on Zoom. Everyone is encouraged to check in with their morning beverage of choice before we start the day!

#2 🍱 Daily Virtual Lunch

While we encourage our team members to take a break from the screen and enjoy their lunch, we also have a video call for those who want to socialize. We’re a team that eats lunch together at the office (we’re known for some great lunchtime debates!) so maintaining that culture is important to us.

#3 🧘🏾 Exercise

We encourage employees to walk, walk, walk”🚶‍♀️, as we call it internally. Social distancing doesn’t mean you are quarantined. Take a 20-30 min walk at least once a day(especially since the weather is getting nicer)! 10k steps per day is the minimum recommendation by health professionals. Let’s be honest, this is also good for your mental health.

#4 ⌨️ Slack

We created a channel #WFH for our team to share ideas on how to work effectively at home, share photos of their workstations, plants, pets, cooking, home exercises, meditation practice… This is a nice way to stay connected with each other. We also encourage everyone to update their slack status and share what they are up to.

#5 💰 Provide a budget

Or, allow employees to bring their monitors, mouse, keyboard, standing desks, chairs from the office to their homes. We know that working from home can be tough without the setup you are used to, so we’re encouraging our teammates to do whatever they need to make home a productive space.

#6 🧑💻 Daily department stand-ups

We organized daily virtual stand-ups to connect with the rest of your department, share what you are working on, who you might need help from, and what you are blocked on. Every team at Local Logic has a standup in the morning now to get aligned, remain connected, and keep work moving in the right direction!

It’s a stressful time for everyone. With our routines changing, the most important part of working remotely, and effectively as a team, is to maintain  the feeling that you belong to a group. As we work through this, we’re here to support each other, iterate, and make remote work for us and our work culture.

Max Leblond

March 16, 2020 | 3 minutes read