🏠 Working From Home: What now?🤷

I am accustomed to working from home for a day or two a week, and I am pretty productive and focused. If you are like me and struggle with keeping your focus, working at the office with others can be challenging. I get distracted easily, and end up paying the price by working longer hours than I should. Working from home one to two days per week has changed the game for me.

No one knows how long this imposed work from home mandate is going to last, so the best way to deal with the situation is to adjust our lifestyles. As you may know from our previous blog, we created a routine and a space for our team to connect and share our daily lives. We are happy to report that it has been working well so far! 🙂

Here are some ideas of what we do to create productive work from home spaces :

⏰ Keep the same morning and evening routine

I know it is tempting to work in your pajamas, or skip the shower for a day, but, over time, it will kill your productivity. Dressing for success will help you get into the right mindset for work. Remember, working from home is all about creating and maintaining separate life and work spaces.

Relaxing Breakfast

📅 Maintain your schedule

Keeping your regular sleep schedule is essential to staying productive. While it’s easy to fall into the trap of going to bed late and waking up later, or taking naps throughout the day, it can hinder your productivity and is not beneficial for your overall mental and physical health.

🖥️ Set up a workstation

This is conducive to a productive work day.  Working from your couch or your bed is not an option. It is terrible for your body, your focus, and it is important to maintain a physical and mental break between work and rest.

📖 Time to learn something new

Guess what, on average, we all gain 24 minutes* of commute time each way every day. Use those 48 total minutes each day to learn something new! There are courses available online through Coursera, Udemy or Masterclasses. You might also use this time to read a book! Books can be easily rented online from your local library, or look for books on websites like GoodReads.

Did you know that 48 minutes per day adds up to 192 hours per year?

Or do nothing, and just relax more – it’s okay, the times are very stressful. Don’t feel guilty if you aren’t using your downtime to solve huge problems. With all the added stress from COVID-19 disconnecting is necessary.

🤸 Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!

We aren’t asking you to train like an Olympic athlete, but we value and encourage everyone to exercise as a mental and physical work break. You can take your break sitting in your local park, go for a small walk around the block, or go for a quick run in your neighbourhood. If you are stuck at home in quarantine and unable to leave the house, there are lots of online resources available, like short YouTube videos, to help you stay active inside as well!


Max Leblond

March 23, 2020 | 3 minutes read