Masterclass: Innovation Meets Regulation: AI, Real Estate, and Fair Housing Laws

Dive into the rapidly evolving world of AI in real estate with our three experts, Katie Lappe (DirectOffer), Liz Sturrock (Miami MLS), and Nathan Brannen (

  • décembre 12, 2023
  • 1:00 pm to 1:45 pm
  • Virtual

Masterclass Overview:

During this masterclass moderated by Audrey Whittington (Local Logic), our panelists Kathleen Lappe (DirectOffer), Liz Sturrock (Miami MLS), and Nathan Brannen ( will discuss the rise of generative AI and their impact on real estate, President Biden’s executive order on AI and how to navigate those new frontiers to ensure they align with Fair Housing rules.

What You’ll Gain:

  • Understanding Generative AI: Explore the latest advancements in AI technologies and their transformative role in real estate.
  • Federal AI Compliance: Learn about the executive order’s implications for AI applications in real estate.
  • AI’s Impact on Fair Housing: Analyze how generative AI aligns with the Fair Housing Act under the new federal guidelines.

Masterclass Participants:

  • Kathleen Lappe (CEO, DirectOffer)
  • Liz Sturrock (Chief of MLS and Innovation, Miami MLS)
  • Nathan Brannen (CPO,
  • Audrey Whittington (VP/Head of Sales and Partnerships, Local Logic)

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