Product update: 🆕 Local Content — now scalable, configurable, and faster

Introducing our new Local Content SDK!

You shared your feedback — and we listened. To improve our location insights solution, we added new features to make the experience smoother.

🆕 Key updates include

  • Faster load time
  • Optimized mobile experience
  • Improved branding support
  • Score groupings by categories for easier navigation
  • Relative scores showing how a location compares to neighborhood and city averages

But before we get into more details…

What is Local Content?

Location insights platform showing different points of interest nearby a property
Try the new Local Content for any address in the U.S. and Canada.

Local Content provides a comprehensive understanding of the location of any property in the U.S. and Canada. Used by 15M+ monthly users, it offers meaningful insights into the lifestyle and location characteristics of a specific address and its surroundings.

Local Content can be added to any listing site to allow home buyers and renters to browse and locate amenities around their property of interest. While this widget is used by real estate brokerages and franchises, as well as MLSs, it also serves as an educational tool for anyone who wants a better understanding of a specific location and its access to nearby amenities.


​​Local Content contains: 

  • 18 distinct Location Scores (17 in the U.S.) that help evaluate a location
  • ​​0-10 rating for each score describing the environment for that specific criteria
  • Commute time functionality
table showing the different location score by local logic categorized by services, transportation, and character
The 18 Location Scores that are included in Local Content

Why did we update the SDK?

This Local Content update allowed us to create a more pleasant experience for our users. To do so, we addressed the following issues:

  • Mobile bugs
  • Limited customization
  • Long load time
  • Ambiguity around score calculation
  • Compatibility with third parties


The new Local Content SDK is built on a completely new architecture with an updated design.

Our solutions are now more flexible and open to a wider range of markets and spaces, allowing clients to meet their specific needs and use cases.

What are the benefits of the new Local Content?

Our team improved the new Local Content SDK experience for both real estate companies and home buyers.


Real estate companies

  • Scalable 🚀 — New architecture is easier to maintain and iterate upon
  • Faster 🐎 — Faster load time and faster deployment for bug fixes
  • Developer-friendly 👩‍💻— Developers have control over how they integrate 
  • Customizable 🎨 — Change the look and feel of the SDK to fit your brand
  • Optimized for mobile experience 📱 — More thoughtful design and implementation
  • More compatible with third parties 🎉 — Access to libraries like Leaflet

Home buyers

  • Score groupings 🧭 Easily navigate between categories such as transportation, education, amenities, character, and nature
  • Relative scores 📊 — Understand how a location compares to neighborhood and city averages
  • More space for map and scores 🗺️ — Get a better picture of the area around the property

Get a sneak peek

Curious to see the new Local Content in action? 


Visit our website to explore the latest version of Local Content. You can enter any address in the U.S. and Canada to see its Location Scores, nearby points of interest (POIs), as well as School data.

Already a client? Older versions of the SDK are still available, but will not be maintained. Updates and new features will only be available on the new Local Content SDK (v1+).

We are working to sunset the current version by June 30th, 2023. Schedule a call to see the new version and how it works before transitioning to the new SDK.

Want to learn more about the new Local Content?

Get in touch with our team to see how our solutions can benefit you.

Thao Tram Ngo

March 13, 2023 | 3 minutes read