Wellness & Rural Living: Upgrade the Home Search Experience with Local Content’s New Features 🏡

At Local Logic, we are dedicated to continuously enhancing our products to provide the most accurate location insights and enable property searches that support all types of lifestyles.

This is why we are thrilled to introduce not just one, but two exciting updates to Local Content that will help home seekers explore neighborhoods based on their lifestyles and preferences: the new Wellness tab and refined rural Points of Interest (POIs).

Wellness Score is now available to all consumers seeking a healthy lifestyle

To empower consumers with valuable insights into how conducive a location is to their well-being, we have incorporated the Wellness tab into Local Content. The former is now available to all users in order to provide a more comprehensive view of the health and wellness offerings in an area.


At the core of the new Wellness tab is the Wellness Score. As one of our 18 proprietary Location Scores, it is designed to help gauge the overall wellness of a location at a glance. Whether home seekers are fitness enthusiasts, health-conscious foodies, or people who value the great outdoors, this score will guide them toward neighborhoods that align with their wellness priorities. Here’s what you can expect from the Wellness tab:

Display for all customers

We understand that each consumer has their own unique preferences and requirements. That’s why the Wellness tab will be available for all customers in the new Local Content update. Our aim is to ensure that every user has the flexibility to tailor their Local Content experience according to their lifestyle needs.

Comprehensive POIs

The Wellness tab enriches a consumer’s neighborhood exploration by offering a curated list of POIs focused on various aspects of wellness. The tab includes insights related to:

  • Fitness centers: Gyms and fitness facilities to stay active and motivated.
  • Healthy restaurants: Local eateries serving nutritious and wholesome meals.
  • Healthcare services: Nearby healthcare facilities and medical services.
  • Groceries: Markets and stores that provide fresh and organic produce.
  • Sports facilities: Places for recreational sports and activities
  • Parks: Serene parks and green spaces to relax, exercise, and recharge


Wellness Score comparison

One of the standout features that you’ll find within the Wellness tab is the ability to compare Wellness Scores between neighborhoods and cities. This comparison provides valuable insights into how a particular area fares in terms of wellness in relation to both its local surroundings and the broader city context.

A more accurate view of rural areas with enhanced rural POIs

New rural POI updates in Local Content will help consumers explore rural areas more accurately, making it easier to find a home that fits their lifestyle.

Introducing the new ranking system for rural POIs

We understand that rural property seekers have unique needs and priorities. To cater to these requirements, we are rolling out an enhanced ranking system for rural POIs that ensures higher accuracy and relevance in these more remote areas. So, what’s changing, and how will it impact user experience?

1. Ordered scores

The new system will arrange scores from the highest to the lowest. This strategic change aims to offer a clearer and more insightful view of a location, highlighting what makes it stand out.

2. Ordered categories

Our ordering of categories will now be based on data availability. This adjustment will enhance the user experience by ensuring that the most relevant and accessible information is presented first, making property searches smoother and more informative.

Expanding horizons with refined rural area POIs

We are also excited to introduce improvements to the way we fetch POIs in rural areas. We recognize that rural locations have distinct characteristics, and we are dedicated to providing the best possible insights in all areas. Here’s what you can expect:

1. Extended search radius

For locations with a great deal of POIs available, the initial search radius will remain at ~1 mile (2 kilometers). However, for areas where POIs might be scarcer, we are expanding the search radius to ~6 miles (10 kilometers) if the initial search yields no results. This ensures that even in less densely populated regions, consumers receive comprehensive information about nearby amenities.

2. Enhanced route calculations

Route calculations dynamically change from walking to driving, depending on the distance between points. This feature also provides insights into how accessible different POIs within the area are.

Better language for data availability

Understanding data availability is crucial for making informed decisions. To provide clarity, we are introducing a language change. Instead of a generic “No data available,” consumers will now see specific messaging, such as “No data available within ~6 miles (10km).” This modification ensures that they understand the context and scope of the information at hand.

The right neighborhood for every lifestyle

Local Content provides a comprehensive understanding of the location of any property in the U.S. and Canada and an overview of the characteristics that matter most to home buyers and renters. With these dual enhancements, Local Content empowers homeseekers to discover the ideal neighborhood for their unique lifestyle and priorities, be it in the heart of the city or nestled in a serene rural setting.

Local Logic is committed to delivering relevant and accurate neighborhood insights that enrich lifestyles, regardless of the one that people decide to follow. Stay tuned as we continue to improve and provide meaningful information that will help consumers make better decisions and gain a better understanding of what it’s like to live in a neighborhood.

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Thao Tram Ngo

September 06, 2023 | 5 minutes read