Local Logic Neighborhood Insights Now Available in VESTAPLUS™ MLS Software

Local Logic, a neighborhood insights provider that quantifies location at scale to help the real estate industry make better-informed investment decisions, today announced its partnership with VESTAPLUS, a provider of MLS software solutions delivering tools and services for the real estate industry to bring invaluable neighborhood insights to real estate professionals and their clients. With the integration of Local Logic’s Neighborhood Insights through SDK and API integration, VESTAPLUS™ users now have access to comprehensive rankings that cover various aspects of a neighborhood’s appeal.

Location plays a pivotal role in a home’s value and the decision-making process for prospective buyers and renters. The incorporation of Local Logic’s award-winning neighborhood insights into VESTAPLUS™ provides real estate professionals with a powerful tool to enhance their neighborhood recommendations and provide clients with the information they need to make informed decisions.

The Neighborhood Insights now available through VESTAPLUS™ include the following key

  • Transportation – Walkability, Car Friendly, Transit Friendly
  • Services – Access to Groceries, Shopping, Restaurants, and Coffee Shops
  • Character – Quiet Level, Parks, Vibrancy, and Nightlife
  • Family – Daycares, High Schools, Primary Schools


VESTAPLUS™ users can now seamlessly access unprecedented insights into various neighborhood features on listing reports, ensuring that they can incorporate this valuable information into their property presentations. This integration provides real estate professionals a competitive advantage by equipping their clients with the necessary details for making informed decisions about property valuation and the home-buying process, ultimately helping them find the perfect home in the ideal neighborhood.

Real estate is all about location, and the ability to provide our VESTAPLUS™ users with access to Local Logic’s Neighborhood Insights is a game-changer,” said Annie Ives, CEO at VESTAPLUS™. “Now, our users can offer their clients a wealth of information about the neighborhoods they are interested in, helping them make more informed decisions and ultimately leading to greater satisfaction with their property choices.

Vincent-Charles Hodder, co-founder and CEO of Local Logic, spoke about the collaboration and the expanding influence of their platform, “Our mission is to make location-based decision-making easier and more transparent. By integrating our Neighborhood Insights into VESTAPLUS™, we are one step closer to achieving that goal, and we look forward to helping real estate professionals deliver exceptional service to their clients.”


VESTAPLUS™ MLS Software Solutions has successfully harnessed innovation and a deep
understanding of the real estate industry to deliver a comprehensive suite of tools and services, empowering agents, brokers, and associations to thrive in an ever-evolving market. The full portfolio of products includes VESTAPLUS PRO™ mobile app, Neighborhood Snapshot™, ShowingsPlus™, TechAssistLine™, and Checkmate Listing Violation Detection™. Clients include Greater Palm Springs REALTORS®, Imperial County Association of REALTORS®, Central Wisconsin MLS.

About Local Logic

Local Logic is a location intelligence platform that digitizes the built world for consumers, investors, developers, and governments – delivering unrivaled clarity and actionable insights capable of creating more sustainable, equitable cities. With more than 85 billion unique data points – the largest unique location data set in the U.S. and Canada – the platform creates a digital twin of cities, quantifying the built world and offering predictive, precise analytics to inform the present and future of over 250 million individual addresses.

Max Leblond

November 14, 2023 | 3 minutes read