How Remax enhanced its property listings with hyperlocal data

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When homebuyers visit RE/MAX’s flagship website, their search for listings are layered with the kind of data they used to get from other tools, such as Google Maps: the hyperlocal elements that make up that property’s neighbourhood.

From nearby schools and parks to the proximity to transit routes, these data points on tell a deeper story about the community surrounding a home. It’s another arrow in the quiver for homebuyers so they can be armed with all the context they need to make a sound purchasing decision.

Local Logic’s location intelligence provides hyperlocal insights

For more than a year, Local Logic’s Local Content product has been a key feature of the user experience on and any of its affiliate sites. A listings level interface, Local Content displays hyperlocal information on the location features of each listing, ranging from which parks are close to the home to nightlife destinations in the neighbourhood.

Say you want to buy a home in Williamsburg, NY, and you and your partner and teenage son want a home that is close to a high school and grocery stores and bus routes. Clicking on a prospective property will pull up those important details via Local Logic’s map and categories of data coverage. If you press Grocery Stores, grocery-icons pop up around the listing, revealing by minute the proximity of each store.

Want a busy or not so busy nightlife? Clicking on that category will reveal how many pubs and clubs are within walking distance.

Local Content is a consumer tool that takes location data and makes sense of it for end users, says Pierre Calzadilla, Vice President of Growth at Local Logic. “Before this tool, people visiting property listings had to go offsite to services such as Google Maps or Yelp and check which schools or grocery stores or restaurants are near the property. But now Local Logic can accelerate their understanding about a location right on the site.”

Deeper contextual insights encourage higher user engagement

Ease of integration

The engineers behind appreciate the weight lifted off their shoulders now that Local Logic is a fixture on the site. “Local Logic takes a lot of work off our engineering team,” says Ido Zucker, senior vice president of engineering at “Local Content comes in an API that we can easily integrate into our pages seamlessly.”

Increased time-on-page

He adds that baking Local Logic data into property detail pages deliver deeper contextual insight for users and also encourage website visitors to spend more time on the page.

Reduced bounce rates and increased conversion rates

Looking at a broad swath of clients, those harnessing Local Logic products see a 50 percent reduction in bounce rates, as well as a four-times higher conversion rate for the users who use location filters compared to users who didn’t use them.

Credit the 25 billion data points Local Logic leverages to build products that integrate into consumer-facing real estate websites. Calzadilla says its machine-learning processes will only get smarter, consistently updating to provide users and partners with the latest details on hyperlocal facets of every community in Canada and the U.S.

Reliable customer support

Having that crucial data is one thing, but a strong and reliable partnership also relies on accommodation and growth. And Local Logic is winning on both fronts, says Zucker. “It’s great we can scale the product so that our agents, with their own vanity URLs can have all that data for their property details. What I also appreciate is that the Local Logic team was great to work with. Their widget for Local Content came in a pre-determined order but we wanted to switch it up and remove a couple of categories and bring certain ones higher up to the top. After we requested those changes, they switched everything quickly and we were really happy with the end product.”

The power of data to inform real-estate decisions is fast becoming a hot trend that is here to stay. As a McKinsey report wrote, “new and unconventional data sources are becoming increasingly relevant [in real estate]…such as granular trends at the city block level rather than at the city level.”

What Local Logic provides to clients comes down to is making everyone’s lives easier. Calzadilla  says, “We handle all the data sources so it’s a hand-free process for our customers. We help the homebuyer stay on the site longer and give them all the information they need to make a better decision about where they want to live next.”

Max Leblond

February 09, 2021 | 4 minutes read