[Product Update] Property Value Drivers, Market Trends, and NeighborhoodMatch Added to NeighborhoodWrap

Introducing NeighborhoodWrap’s newest features

🎉 We’ve now added three new features to provide even further insights into neighborhoods:

NeighborhoodWrap offers a comprehensive overview of neighborhoods across the US and Canada, highlighting what makes each neighborhood unique to give homebuyers a better sense of what it’s like to live in the area.

By integrating rich Neighborhood-level content on their website, brokerages can showcase their local expertise, drive more organic traffic, engage users, and ultimately assist home seekers with finding the perfect home.

NeighborhoodWrap contains data on:

  • Neighborhood descriptions to get an overview of the area
  • Neighborhood map to visualize neighborhood boundaries and nearby POIs 
  • Neighborhood highlights to find out what makes the area unique
  • Neighborhood characteristics to get a sense of what it’s like to live in a neighborhood 
  • Location Scores to assess a neighborhood’s desirability
  • Demographics to gain a comprehensive understanding of the community

Property Value Drivers

New Feature (Value Drivers) added to Local Logic's NeighborhoodWrap
A description of which neighborhood measures have the greatest impact on home prices for that neighborhood

Property Value Drivers is designed to help users understand what contributes to property prices within specific neighborhoods. This new feature showcases the unique location characteristics that significantly impact home values, such as access to fitness facilities, highlighting what makes a neighborhood special and why people are willing to pay a premium to live there.

Market Trends

New Feature (Market Trends) added to Local Logic's NeighborhoodWrap
Recent market trends specific to the neighborhood, such as median transaction price and median home value

Market Trends provides insights into the current state of the market for specific neighborhoods, highlighting key metrics like median transaction price and median home value. It offers homeseekers a clear view of recent market activity and local trends over the past twelve months, enabling them to make well-informed buying decisions.


New Feature (NeighborhoodMatch) added to Local Logic's NeighborhoodWrap
A list of neighborhoods in the same metro area that are similar to the current neighborhood based on asset composition, demographics, and Local Logic measures

NeighborhoodMatch helps homebuyers and brokerages find neighborhoods that match users’ preferences. It enhances the homebuying experience by making it easier for consumers to discover new neighborhoods that share similar characteristics with the one they are viewing. This feature includes:

  • Matched neighborhoods and scores: Up to eight nearby neighborhoods that share similar characteristics based on Top Local Logic Scores
  • Affordability Index*: Indicates whether neighborhood home prices are more or less expensive than other neighborhoods, using reliable median sale price data
  • Neighborhood imagery: Customizable thumbnail images for each neighborhood to ensure accurate representations
  • Neighborhood filtering and linking: Ability to filter the available matched neighborhoods and link directly to listings, keeping potential buyers within the sales funnel


* The Affordability Index is only available in the US.

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Thao Tram Ngo

June 17, 2024 | 3 minutes read